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I'm back! :D

2009-09-20 12:17:33 by KrazeyOne

Man, it has been way too long since my last update on NG. Anyway, I'm back with a new song: --Warning Signs--. Take a listen, rate, review, and above all, enjoy. :D

New song out. :D

2009-06-28 18:52:19 by KrazeyOne

So, I finally decided to stop having writer's block, and came up with this piece. Check it out! :D
(link removed) And as always, lemme know whatcha think. :D

Edit 1: Mkay, so the song tanked the first time through, so I'ma give it another week or two til i repost. hopefully, it won't suck so hard. :D Stay posted. :D

Edit 2: Alright, I made some slight changes. Hopefully it'll do better. :D /251005

Some news...:D

2009-05-12 20:37:13 by KrazeyOne

I'm currently working with ShinyArmor on a new collaborative song. Expect it soon. :D

Awesome. :D

2009-05-04 15:43:58 by KrazeyOne

EDIT: my new song is too big. XD 8.1 MB. my ass. XD I'm cutting out a little bit, so gimme a sec...

EDIT 2: mkay, it's up. :D take a listen. :D

I've finally picked up the slack, and put out two new songs. :D If you're reading this, check em out! :D

P.S. Feel free to click that ad on the left. :D

So... :D

2009-04-29 18:22:42 by KrazeyOne

I have released a new song. :D It's a hardstyle song. If anyone is reading this, please, feel free to check it out. :D

Man, I'm slacking. XD

2009-04-20 17:19:32 by KrazeyOne

Hm...I'm not working on anything new at the moment. XD I need to stop playing Call of Duty so much. XD (btw, anyone that wants to play, I'm on the PS3. me = KrazeyMan)

Sweet. :D

2009-04-10 12:35:23 by KrazeyOne

Well, this was a fun week. :D I'm working with Gasmasq on a new hip hop song, and I just finished up a demo from around 2 months ago. If anyone is reading this, check em out!

Sweet. :D

2009-03-30 20:32:27 by KrazeyOne

Currently, I'm working on a piece with a more mellow/trance feel. It's coming along quite well. Expect it soon. :D

Well, alrighty, then.

2009-03-27 22:44:51 by KrazeyOne

I think I'm getting used to this whole "Newgrounds" thing. XD I have a song in progress using Shinnymetal's guitar cover of the main Kirby theme. Expect that soon. Until then, surf Newgrounds, listen to some music, and enjoy. :D


2009-03-21 12:44:22 by KrazeyOne

I submitted a song to the audio portal. Check it out. :D